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Wow, this week has been CRAZY!! XD So that means this entry will be very long.
Okay, to start I'll let you all know that the Pack Test went well. lol!! Tips for anyone taking a pack test:
#1. Do not, I repeat, do not, wear a jacket. They warned me, the guy who helped get the pack on told me, "first thing, you're gonna be wishing you didn't wear that jacket", My mom said, "you're going to bake to death" and my dad and everyone else all told me to take it off, but I wanted the extra padding for my shoulders so I wouldn't listen. Hahah! I almost did bake to death! It was so hot, no clouds or wind, just a hot sun facing you the whole way. I wanted it to burn my jacket off.
#2. PRACTICE! I went in totally unprepared, well... unless you call 2 three mile speed walks with my dad and 2 different one mile walks with the pack weight practice enough ...I was totally not ready for what was coming. I passed with one minute extra, 5th person to finish, but it was hard.
More emotionally hard than physically if you ask me, my breathing was the biggest physical difficulty, but when I was alone I had so much time to think of "what if I dropped this weight?", "she's right. I'm going to fail.", "if I fall, I won't be able to get up.", "it's so hot!! Where's the wind?", "I have so much more to go, I'll never finish!", "I'm so thirsty!", "just jog already! It will relax so many muscles!", etc. It was SO hard to stay positive, I was fighting these thoughts the whole second half of the walk. It was a big mental beating, but it felt wonderful to finish. :D
I did it, I sped-walked the whole way and passed. When I got the the end I was going to say something encouraging, witty or funny like, "lets do it again!" or to that effect. But all I could say was straight from my heart, "get this thing off of me!!" :D Haha, at least I was smiling!
I wasn't sore at all for CRT Testing. Which also went ok. We were super early so helped start up the computers both days, the teachers were really nice and fun and the tests were as usual - sad in Math and Science, great in English, ok in Scantron.
Yesterday I went with two of my older sisters and dad to get senior pictures. I always thought us four were the quietest in the family, but after spending the whole day with them, I felt like an annoying, loud, obnoxious little tag-a-long sister who kept getting in trouble. My dad had to tell me "no!" at about every place we went, my oldest sister kept making remarks about me being like my second oldest sister and my other sister made me feel like an attention seeker.
It was a long day, but fun. We went to an old abandoned mill. I loved this mill!! I want to go back, my camera batteries died before I could get enough pictures. It felt like a different world. So much history! Besides the random names people wrote on the walls like, "Jason was here!", it had such an old, haunting, almost sad and lonely effect to it. The office was empty but a desk that sat alone by a broken window, the roof had many holes in it and the only doors that were left creaked and groaned when you opened them. I could still imagine people in their outfits running around. It was built so cool with many stairs on the top of a huge mountain, with a beautiful view. Don't tell, but I climbed through a window to sit on the roof, just to get a better idea of it. All the old HEAVY iron machines were still in there, some of them rusty and all of them dusty. They were brought in with carts, buggies and horses. So much work was put in to it! I'll try to upload pictures, but my battery died in the building. I will have to draw or borrow pics from my sister. It was amazing. I saw the crusher and all the white dust from the white rock they got the gold from. Made from wood, pine logs and aluminum it's an old broken down building that made over 900 million dollars my dad said.
It's amazing! I want to go back, dressed in a more fitting-for-the-age outfit and get more pictures. I took the pictures for my sister after we left the mill, but I didn't get any of my own at the mill, take away a few before it died. There is nothing better than your own pictures (lol! Talk about proud), what I mean is, everyone has their own style and view on life. My sisters don't have the same view on life as me and took pictures of things I probably wouldn't and missed things I would have. Soo, you see, I have to go back.
We also saw old log cabins and rock houses that told me a lot about the life people lived in those days. The homes were all one-roomed, with one chimney. Rock or log, they all told their own story. My favorite was a house in the middle of a swamp, a huge cottonwood tree is in the middle of the swamp and a living apple tree with blossoms is standing by the door of the house. We saw an old kid bed frame and the house itself had a top bunk, you can tell a family lived there.
We also went to many little creeks and a (maybe chemical-filled) pond. It was near an old mine so it could very well be filled with bad chemicals. I doubt it was, I took pictures of my evidence but I saw horse, elk and deer tracks, plants that lived in the water and the water was cool from the creek. The only suspicious sitings were no fish or tadpoles, not much moss if any and bubbles that looked more like soap suds than proof of life. I took my shoes off and played in it anyway, my feet and legs feel fine. The creeks were very cold but gorgeous.  
It was a very eventful weekend.
I nearly killed my camera by dropping it in a toilet. The SD card, chargeable AA batteries and the camera lived through a night of blow-drying and lots of prayer. Coolpix Nikon L22 if you're interested. Non-breakable, really good moon shots, great close-up and nice zoom-in, this camera can live through anything. Mine should've been dead about 80 lives ago, in the snow, rain, hail and many falls, it's prefect for anyone. XD
I learned a lot and spent quality time to get a closer relationship with my niece and older sister, who I never thought I knew well enough.
My niece is very cute and fun, she's seven years old and sleeps with her doll every single night, she told me it's whole story about where she got it and that it protects her. I stayed up till 2:00 AM watching a movie, talking and eating popcorn with her, she's really funny. She taught me how to "flip someone off" with my finger (it may sound sad and horrible but she was totally innocent, she had no idea it was a bad thing), then later she helped color in the hearts on my mothers day card.  Sometimes I worry about her because this world is so sick, she's only seven but you can already see she'll be a very beautiful girl one day, already is. People like her don't need make-up, she's got extremely long eyelashes that are very dark, it looks like she wears mascara all the time, she has a beautiful smile and laugh, very pretty hair, thick, dark and wavy and very big brown eyes. But her dad is the perfect protector for her. He was a tough-guy in his day, still is, he used to scare me when I was little cause he wore a serious-mean face had curly long hair and scarey tattoos on his arm. (He tried to get rid of the tattoos several times and is nice. Very funny and it just takes a smile to warm up to him) But he'll be the best dad to watch over her.
I didn't learn anything new about my older sister really, except that she loves cameras and photography even more than I thought, loves nature, is scared of heights (knew this one but didn't think it was as bad XD), laughs a lot and has a permanent smile, even when she's upset or sad, her mouth can't help but smile. Sometimes that's the same with me, people tell me to put a serious face on and always get frustrated cause my smile won't go away. =) Anyway, there is a LOT more that happened over the week and weekend but I will stop here and maybe draw some pictures instead of my week/weekend to explain what happened.
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Hey!! I'm 16, I've lived in Utah all my life but I've visited other states and countries before. I love traveling and plan to do a lot of it in my life. I'm not a very artistic person but I love art and music so I got this account to follow inspiring people. :) Maybe put some of my own stuff up, I love taking photos and I have a new obsession in my attempts at drawing. We'll see how you like it. XD

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